The Asociación Mentes Abiertas (Open Minds Association) is a multidisciplinary team of practitioners, in mental health, psychology and coaching.

A.M.A. is founded to promote and maintain people’s well-being (applying techniques and tools from different theoretical approaches depending on the needs of individuals) and as a contribution to a complete qualification of practitioners in mental health through the study and communication of latest research and improvements in Psychology.

Our mission:

To provide a response to society’s demand of reaching and maintaining conditions of well-being and a high quality of life through the application of knowledge and research in the field of Health Psychology. To do so, we consider “health” as well-being in its broadest meaning and not just as a lack of illness, as the WHO claims in its definition: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (Official Records of the World Health Organization, Nº 2, p. 100), in force since April 7th 1948. We also admit the fact that health is a numerous collection of processes, many of which have psychosocial dimensions that become evident in individual, couple, family, group, working, organizational, social and cultural fields.

To contribute to a comprehensive training for mental health practitioners through the study, training and dissemination of updated research in the field of Mental Health Science.

We assume that every human being has an inalienable right to health care without any discrimination whatsoever on the grounds of social background, gender, age, religion, material circumstances, ethnic group or political ideology.

Our view:

To become a reference in the Mental Health field known for its sustainability, scientific rigor, innovation, confidence, professionalism and responsibility for people interested in their own personal development and in optimizing their doing.

Our values:

A.M.A. has always in mind the encouragement of respect, responsibility, honesty, service, professional ability and confidentiality. (Code of Ethics).

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Asociación Mentes Abiertas
Av. de Filipinas, 18, Bj. C. 28.003 Madrid.
Calle Guzmán El Bueno, 74 1 Izq. 28015
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Centro Sanitario autorizado por la Comunidad de Madrid con el nº CS11666

Horario de L a V de 10 a 21.

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